Buckley Disposal Services


We are a family owned and locally run business of 26 years, offering curbside garbage pick-up and single-stream recycling to neighborhoods in Merrimack, Litchfield, Amherst, Bedford, Milford and Nashua.

We are happy to provide our curbside services to condo and home owners associations as well as private residents. 

In addition to our curbside and recycling services, we offer special pick-ups. Whether you want us to remove an old couch, appliance, clean out your entire garage or anything in between, call us for a free estimate.

We also offer our dumpster service to businesses and households not requiring weekly pick up.

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Christmas Tree Disposal

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation during the holiday schedules.

For those looking to have Christmas trees removed, please contact the office to schedule a pick-up. We charge $10 per tree and all money collected is donated to the local charity 'The Erica Pombrio Foundation'.  This is a great charity that helps local families battling cancer. We have been working with this charity for many years and with our customers help have been able to donate upwards of $500 a year from Christmas tree collections. Thank you to all those who have allowed us to collect their trees this year and in the past and a special thank you to those who donate without having their tree picked up. 

Post holiday reminders:

Christmas lights are not recycling

Wrapping paper is not considered recycling. There is too much ink in the paper and most times will still have tape/ribbon attached to it. 

Styrafoam is not recyclable

With wintry weather coming, please be mindful of leaving trash barrels and recycling bins out during storms. Buried barrels in snow banks or covered by plow trucks will be picked up at the drivers discretion. Please plan ahead when leaving things out overnight for morning pickups.  







In appreciation of those that serve in our military, we offer free curbside pick-up to the family of any military members while they are deployed


We appreciate your referrals and offer two free weeks of service for each new customer referred to us