Effective July 1st 2022

- Place broken glass and other sharp items in a sealed labelled box if possible

- Individual bags, boxes and containers must not exceed 40lbs each. 

- Do not place bags or containers on icy/slippery surfaces or on top of snow banks. 

- Do not throw away used syringes or medical waste with regular trash.


Curbside guidelines

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curbside SERVICE

Please contact us about purchasing our wheeled 64 gallon barrels and our 18 gallon recycling bins.   Contact


 Our rate for weekly trash collection is

Billed Monthly @ - $44/month

Billed Quarterly @ - $132/qtr

Our rate for weekly trash and recycling service is

Billed Monthly @ - $54/month

​Billed Quarterly @ - $162/qtr

*Trash limit - Ten (13 gallon) kitchen bags per week 

*Recycling limit  - Four (18 gallon) bins of loose material per week

There are no fuel surcharges, mileage fees or hidden fees on your bill. This is a flat fee for residential trash/recycling only. These rates are based on the weekly limit and any additional items will need to be scheduled ahead of time and/or may incur a separate charge.

A weekly fee is used to pro-rate customers signing up mid billing cycle. If you are going on vacation or find you do not need a pickup on your collection day, please give us a 1 week notice and we will deduct the week or weeks you do not require pickup. Customers are allowed 1 vacation credit per quarter (four credits annually). 

Listed below are some helpful guidelines to follow for curbside pickup  

- Place your garbage and recycling out NO LATER than 6:30am on your collection day. 

- Place garbage and recycling as close to the road as possible without blocking sidewalks and roadways

- Before collection, please remove any bungee cords, hooks or items holding container lids in place

- Please bag your trash as best as possible to prevent loose trash from spilling onto the drivers or blowing around the neighborhood.

- Absolutely no explosives, firearms, ammunition, combustibles, fireworks or ashes 

- Tie all bags before setting them on the curb or in barrels

- Curbside pick-up is for RESIDENTIAL TRASH ONLY. Please refrain from mixing in the following:

  •  construction/demolition material (wood, sheetrock, cement, tiles, shingles)
  • landscape material (sand, soil, fencing, rocks/stones/bricks)
  • tires and automotive parts
  • hazardous waste (pool chemicals, paint, cleaners, gas, oil)
  • yard waste (leaves, logs, grass clippings, stumps)

​These items can be collected on a separate trip arranged by contacting our office. For more information on special pick-ups and additional services, please see our   SPECIAL PICK-UPS  page.