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This was from a single 'recycling' stop. The pile on the left is what was removed and determined to be non-recycling

- The recycling service is for household recycling only (food boxes, toiletry items, small boxes) Large boxes  such as moving boxes, Amazon shipping boxes, lawn furniture, appliances, even if broken down will be considered trash. 

- If you choose to use your own containers, we require that they are no wider than 18" at the top. As you can see from the picture to the right, our recycling trucks cannot accommodate larger containers.  

- All cardboard must be broken down flat and bundled together.

​- Containers MUST NOT exceed 40 lbs.  

- Do not fill garbage cans (20 gallon or larger) with loose recycling. Recycling should be left loose in containers less than 20 gallons


- If we notice any garbage in a recycling bin or bag, we must treat the entire container as garbage. The drivers will not separate contents 


We've added a helpful guide for our customers on acceptable and not acceptable recycling items. If you have any further questions about our recycling process, please  Contact us. 



Recycling service